Xtremism, Xperiences and X-Man John DeSouza Show Notes 20170606

Xtremism, Xperiences and X-Man John DeSouza

I want to talk today about the insanity we are all experiencing. If you are not experiencing this insanity, then your role is to help those who are. Like the old saying goes: If you are not a part of the solution, then you are a part of the problem, don’t be a part of the problem.

Many of us on TFR has discussed this change of frequency and energy. Yes, we all anticipate these changes and we welcome them as we instinctively know that the universe is unfolding as it should. This does not mean the changes are PLEASANT. It is strange how it seems that when you are supposed to be in a different place to achieve your destiny, the elements will open up to you. The environment you are in, will become uncomfortable for you. That can happen because you suddenly find things intolerable, or the people and constructs around you may start to drastically change so much that you will be forced to change your environment. Many of us here at Truth Frequency Radio has been predicting this upheaval. I know I have been warning of it and the proper flow that will occur afterwards.

This has just happened to me recently, and I am in the middle of the upheaval. Many of us are in this upheaval! I won’t tell of other hosts business, but some folks did not see this starting. It wasn’t until Kev of the Kev Baker Show had his heart incident, did we all realize that the change had started. I think we all braced ourselves, then. I know I did, and if it weren’t for that realization, I would have responded differently when my world went sideways. I used to have a terrible temper. Not a quick one, but a terrible one. It took a bit to get me to react, but back then, once my fuse was burnt, there was no stopping my reaction, it was a furious thing to behold, and there was no stopping it. I used to be sooooo devious, and fierce.

Here, decades later, I have been ‘awakened’ and have learned peace. Apparently, those who knew me back in the day, think that I have not only mellowed, but they think I aslo became a push-over. That is not the case. What they didn’t or don’t know is, I have learned that Karma, The Universe, God, what ever it is you call it, is faaaarrr more devious and clever than I am. And to do me wrong, it will be returned to those who have done harm to me, more effectively than I can fashion. In this whole thing, I have done nothing to ‘pay back’ anyone for their misdeeds. Nor will I. To those who were a part of this and may be listening, I am not lifting my hand or tongue against you. I refuse to, your fate is yours and will be handled by the Universe. This is why I kept calm throughout this whole thing. None of you all saw me react to this bad behavior. Very few people witnessed my suffering. As usual TFR folks were helpful and supportive. But as to what people call family and friends? Let me tell all you all something. When someone calls you for help, and they outline what help they need….


If your relation tells you they need a place to live, they need a place to live, not advice as to what shelter to contact, that relation is not asking you to pay for a hotel to stay at for a month. And when your relation asks for said help, don’t call the V.A. Crisis suicide hotline! There are real people, real veterans who need that help, and if you waste the time of the crisis personnel on situations like this, and a person who truly needs that help is not helped and they die as a result, that blood is on your head!

I have been in stuck situations before. I don’t like it and hate finding myself in them. Now, let me tell you all the good news. My step father stepped in to help. He couldn’t help me physically move my stuff, but he called me out of the blue and said: “You have only been asking for help with this for a month now, I don’t know why your family don’t understand that. I am on my way up there. When he saw all my things packed and ready to go. Let’s go get you a car so you can move this.”

He used his contacts and resources to help me. I asked for help, and finally got it. Speaking of which, those of you in the southeast or in South Carolina, and if you are in the market for a used vehicle, TNT Concepts in Anderson South Carolina was so helpful to me. And they deserve great praise for their help. 864-451-0273

I am not the only one going through this tumultuous shift. There are others. I encourage you to support me or Truth Frequency Radio. If you have a business that needs more traffic, you will definitely get that traffic when you sponsor TFR. I get reports from guests that their websites see a lot of traffic after being on my show. There are so many listeners next to their computers ready to buy products that are mentioned during our broadcasts. I am not kidding. Support us so we can continue helping others. That is what we are all doing. That is the fundamental basis of what we do here. We help others. We don’t brag about it, we don’t broadcast that “oh yeah, I helped so-and-so with this dilemna”, we don’t beat our chests with it. Chris and Sheree started this and have helped so many people on their way, many of us are following in their footsteps. AND That is what Truth Frequency Radio is about. Truth is not just a bunch of words strung together to form a picture of a current reality. Truth is a way of life. ACTIONS.

On now to the news!

We have had a heck of a weekend, haven’t we?

Trump pulled out of the Paris Agreement. Let me boil it down for everyone. The Global warming phrase is a lie and has been adjusted to be called ‘climate change’. This ‘treaty’ or ‘agreement’ is basically a tax that nations have to pay. It does nothing to reduce ‘carbon emissions’; except perhaps, to burden the poor with even more taxes until they die. This whole thing was a scam even when Obama signed it, it is a scam today. Trump said no. He has every right to say ‘no’. The MSM who spends millions to send reporters to and fro, to cover this ‘deal’, don’t see the irony it it. You must also know this. ‘Carbon Emissions’ means ALL MAMMALS who exhale, it means humans will have to pay a tax to the world government for emitting carbons. While it is true cars and trucks all emit carbons, and the use of them should be regulated so as to not pollute. But cars and trucks don’t emit the foul chemicals that many factories do. In case many of you hadn’t noticed, America’s factory jobs have gone overseas, why would we be holding the bill for so much tax? Right, because we are seen as a rich country that can afford it.

Decomposing leaves are a surprising source of greenhouse gases


Michigan State University scientists have pinpointed a new source of nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas that’s more potent than carbon dioxide. The culprit?

Tiny bits of decomposing leaves in soil.

This new discovery is featured in the current issue of Nature Geoscience, could help refine nitrous oxide emission predictions as well as guide future agriculture and soil management practices.

“Most nitrous oxide is produced within teaspoon-sized volumes of soil, and these so-called hot spots can emit a lot of nitrous oxide quickly,” said Sasha Kravchenko, MSU plant, soil and microbial scientist and lead author of the study. “But the reason for occurrence of these hot spots has mystified soil microbiologists since it was discovered several decades ago.”

Part of the vexation was due, in part, to scientists looking at larger spatial scales. It’s difficult to study and label an entire field as a source of greenhouse gas emissions when the source is grams of soil harboring decomposing leaves. Changing the view from binoculars to microscopes will help improve N2O emission predictions, which traditionally are about 50 percent accurate, at best. Nitrous oxide’s global warming potential is 300 times greater than carbon dioxide, and emissions are largely driven by agricultural practices.

“This work sheds new light on what drives emissions of nitrous oxide from productive farmlands,” said John Schade, a program director for the National Science Foundation’s Long-Term Ecological Research program, which co-funded the research with NSF’s earth sciences division. “We need studies like this to guide the creation of sustainable agricultural practices necessary to feed a growing human population with minimal environmental impact.”

To unlock the secrets of these N2O hotspots, Kravchenko and her team took soil samples from MSU’s Kellogg Biological Station Long-term Ecological Research site. Then in partnership with scientists from the University of Chicago at Argonne National Laboratory, they examined the samples at Argonne’s synchrotron scanning facilities, a much more powerful version of a medical CT scanner. The powerful X-ray scanner penetrated the soil and allowed the team to accurately characterize the environments where N2O is produced and emitted.

“We found that hotspot emissions happen only when large soil pores are present,” Kravchenko said. “The leaf particles act as tiny sponges in soil, soaking up water from large pores to create a micro-habitat perfect for the bacteria that produce nitrous oxide.”

Not as much N2O is produced in areas where smaller pores are present. Small pores, such as in clay soils, hold water more tightly so that it can’t be soaked up by the leaf particles. Without additional moisture, the bacteria aren’t able to produce as much nitrous oxide. Small pores also make it harder for the gas produced to leave the soil before being consumed by other bacteria.

“This study looked at the geometry of pores in soils as a key variable that affects how nitrogen moves through those soils,” said Enriqueta Barrera, program director in NSF’s earth sciences division. “Knowing this information will lead to new ways of reducing the emission of nitrous oxide from agricultural soils.”

More specifically, future research will review which plant leaves contribute to higher N2O emissions. Plants with more nitrogen in their leaves, such as soybeans, will more than likely give off more N2O as their leaves decompose. Researchers also will look at leaf and root characteristics and see how they influence emissions.

Social media crisis management

I am so thankful for the news tip! https://twitter.com/Zoompad for Jesus! on twitter, here is your shoutout! If you have a news tip, send it to me at truthfrequencynews@gmail.com or if you follow me on twitter you can send me a news tip by tweeting to me: https://twitter.com/TruthFrqncyNews or Elizabeth McCabe on Facebook.


Social media, digital media, the new media, call it what you will, has the unique ability to break and make stories.

Now that just about everyone has a smart phone it’s not surprising that crises often arise and are then amplified by social media. And as those who work in crisis management know, an early presence by an organization in crisis is essential as it shows the organisation is aware of the problem and has a plan in place to solve it. Social media is the perfect platform to disseminate messages to as wide an audience as possible.

If you don’t understand Twitter and other social media platforms, you are missing a major part of the crisis management jigsaw.

Part of that is understanding how social media works; it’s forced change on communications professionals in many ways.


In days gone by it was a case of we speak and you listen, with PR departments putting out press releases which were then picked up by the press who acted as a conduit transmitting messages to the wider public.

It doesn’t work like that anymore – it’s no longer top down. In the past we communicated to our audiences; now, because of digital media, we must communicate with our audiences – it’s a two-way street. Above all we must listen to what individuals are saying about our organisation and, if we have the resources, respond accordingly.


The upside

It allows you an immediate voice and presence. It proves you’re aware of the situation and are doing something about it – at the start of a crisis, update early and often; create your own #hashtags

It can act as an early warning system – monitoring is essential as crises often surface on social

It lets you see how your mitigation efforts are playing in a public forum.

Helps track the progress of recovery.

The downside

Some segments of society don’t use social media, so your messages may not reach an intended audience – think hi tech and low tech when selecting your message channels. Sometimes a megaphone is more effective than a smart phone

Information sourced from social can be inaccurate. A lot of people (to put it mildly) aren’t telling the truth. Hoaxes and trolls are everywhere.

It requires staff to monitor and create effective digital messages – don’t start using social media for the first time in the teeth of an incident

It can fan the flames of negative opinion aimed at your organisation.


As companies rely more and more on social media for marketing, crisis managers need to help companies disentangle marketing social media from crisis social media.

Effective social media crisis management requires an investment in time to understand how social works and above all a crisis social media plan to combat a social media crisis. Crisis Solutions has the unique ability to help you write a crisis social media plan and then test it during a social media crisis simulation.

Notice there are no Anti-Pollute treaties. Notice there are no “Hey let’s pick up all the trash in the world and in the oceans, and recycle it” treaties. You know why? Because all countries, organizations, and corporations, would be responsible for cleaning up their messes.

Fake Sean Spicer Twitter Account Sends Journalists, Democrats On Run Around


Many main stream news outlets, well known journalists, and a number of Democrats have fallen for a parody twitter account. The account is supposed to mimic White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, but many think the tweets are real.

The account Sean Spicier has been taking heat from many democrats, as they believe they are tweeting at the actual White House press secretary. Each tweet has hundreds of hostile responses.

Democrats are often made fun of for tweeting at the fake account with their opposing views.

The Daily Caller News Foundation reached out to Sean Spicier for comment, but his Twitter activity has so far left him fully engaged.

This start-up is offering $8,000 blood transfusions from teens to people who want to fight aging


A company called Ambrosia has about 100 customers who are paying $8,000 for a transfusion of young blood.

The scientific research is far from definitive.

It might sound like science fiction, or a recent episode of “Silicon Valley,” but a start-up called Ambrosia is charging $8,000 for blood transfusions from young people.

About 100 people have signed up to receive an infusion, founder Dr. Jesse Karmazin said Wednesday at the Code Conference.

Anyone over age 35 can become an Ambrosia customer, said Karmazin, but most of the early adopters tend to be of retirement age. He also stressed that it’s a range of people, and not just Bay Area technologists, who have signed up.

The donated blood typically comes from teenagers, although anyone under age 25 is eligible. The company buys its supply from blood banks, which also sell blood to pharmaceutical companies. So high-schoolers donating their blood are not aware that it might be used on healthy adults.

Speaking to a roomful of technologists, Karmazin explained that the company does not claim that it can cure aging. Instead, he’s hoping to recruit hundreds more people to research whether the transfusions can help fight particular symptoms associated with aging. Traditionally, biological aging hasn’t been treated as a disease, which makes it challenging to study.

Karmazin said those who have signed up have seen some positive benefits and haven’t reported any negative ones. Blood transfusions come with a variety of risks, including allergic reactions.
Karmazin started the company after reviewing research into whether injecting older mice with the plasma portion of young ones can improve memory. Other so-called parabiosis studies went a step further in connecting older and younger animals so that their blood mingles.

These studies are far from definitive, and scientists have spoken out about the ethics of such a study, which they see as taking advantage of the public’s excitement and lacking much evidence. But the concept has seen a recent resurgence in interest because well-known Silicon Valley investors like Peter Thiel have spoken out about its promise.

But that does not mean Thiel gets teenage blood transfusions, said Karmazin, a graduate of Stanford Medical School. Karmazin stressed that Thiel is not an Ambroisa customer — and to his knowledge, Ambrosia is the only U.S. company on the market.

“Of course, it’s possible he could have gone abroad,” Karmazin shrugged. “But I haven’t heard anything about that.”

Thiel didn’t immediately reply to a CNBC request for comment.

Ok, now for the elephant in the room.

The Manchester attack and then the London attack. Let us get something clear. Back in the 80s we have FarmAid and all these concerts to help end world hunger. Did it work? No. Now we have concerts after all these terror attacks. What in the world are these people thinking?! In the old days, when an act of war or terror occurred, the response was an armed response. And it was most effective when the counterattack happened on the guilty party. Today we have a terror attack and some diva throws a concert, and the nation that was assaulted, sends military after a country already bombed to death that had nothing to do with the assault. WHAT THE HELL is going on here? All they are doing is rewarding the terrorists be immortalizing the terror attacks. Am I the only one who is seeing this pattern? Hello?

Let me explain something to you all. You need to arm yourselves. Every one of you. Find courses online on how to make anything a weapon, for those of you who are unable to get guns (and now, knives) figure it out. The cops in London RAN AWAY from the terrorists with knives! I am sure that everyone still is able to buy entrenching tools, they are little metal shovels that you go camping with. They are collapsable. And they are fantastic weapons without registration! Quit lollygagging around and get the damn thing. Ladies, you can carry them in your purse. For God’s sake, quit depending on the so-called authorities! Remember the old spy games, and the umbrellas that are secret weapons? Start inventing stuff people.

Americans, get armed, get practiced, get ammo, get your crap together! So you are a housewife whose occupation is home and child care? Fine, you best get cast iron skillets. Practice holding them and using them as sheilds for knife attacks. Practice using them in swinging motions in such a way to ward off an intruder. They want us weak and feable, let them think we are, but secretly, we have weapons. Got a lighter and a can of wasp spray or any distance type aerosol? You have an instant flame thrower. Get your crap together! Gone are the days of having peace. They are gone. Sorry, but that is the truth. Peace does not mean absence of conflict, Peace is the presence of Justice.


Just as the dude comes in the door after you,





out! That is Justice! And that is Peace!

In the second hour we have John DeSouza on.

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JOHN DESOUZA, (X-Man) former FBI Special Agent Investigator for over 20

years and collector of the real life “X-Files.” He is also the Bestselling Author of The

EXTRA-DIMENSIONALS and a leading Investigator in the paranormal/exopolitics.

JOHN DESOUZA (X-Man) was an FBI Special Agent for over 20 years and collected the real life “X-Files.”

John DeSouza unravels mysteries that elude investigators restricted to the purely material world.

The truth of the paranormal revealed itself to the author through his own supernatural experiences and those of innumerable others across many professional fields. The author lives in the great Southwestern United States and devotes himself to paranormal research and writing.

Website: johntamabooks.com

The Para-Investigators: 52 True Tales And Concepts of Supernaturally Gifted Investigator.

The Extra-Dimensionals: True Tales and Concepts of Alien Visitors Extra-Dimensionality is the key to understanding everything… By everything, we mean all the areas in which we have been deceived to believe the physical world is the beginning and end of all things. “The Extra-Dimensionals” is the stark revelation of where Alien Visitors are actually coming from and to where they are returning. Understanding Extra-Dimensionality is the way to unfold the truth of the paranormal, the spiritual and even the physical world. These Visitors have been with us since time immemorial and their messages to us are everywhere around us. The truth will eventually explode into our field of vision. If we refuse to listen then we are only delaying the inevitable to a time when an alarm will be sounded that is so loud that it will consume everything upon the Earth. Once the black swans arrive, once we awaken to numerous mile long shadows cast by these ancient ships—hanging over our major cities, soundless, motionless, maddening; it will be too late. It is in these final moments that we can still, with open minds and clear hearts, decipher that which has been intentionally hidden from humanity for so long—the truth of Extra-Dimensionality. That comprehension will, in turn, illuminate every hidden truth of our material existence. Then, we will find that for the first time, we will finally have the key to understanding everything.

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